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Who we are?

As a UK-based company, we’ve pioneered a platform designed to cultivate business entrepreneurs and job opportunities on a global scale. With gratitude to our global leaders, whose services are accessible from anywhere, we offer a comprehensive range of services starting from education to finding dream jobs.

What we do

 Our single platform hosts various products and services, empowering our channel partners to identify the best offers for their customers. We welcome individuals passionate about starting a new business but unsure of how to proceed, enabling transformative growth and success worldwide.

Advice that gives you power

With our assistance, you can develop new perspectives on the world, take advantage of opportunities you never would have considered, and produce outcomes that connect the possible with the real.

Empower individuals to build their own brand with minimal investment and infrastructure, catering to their unique preferences and circumstances.

Empower individuals worldwide as an opportunity creator by expanding our network.

At the helm of GreenWorld Global are two dedicated directors committed to creating job opportunities worldwide, backed by a proven track record of success. Their vision centers on “Service beyond business strategy,” emphasizing the importance of going above and beyond in service delivery. Additionally, they uphold a “zero tolerance policy” for staff, ensuring a culture of accountability and excellence within the organization.

About our Directors

A distinguished British national, our Director boasts extensive experience managing multiple companies in the high-volume service sector. Not only a savvy businessman, but he also stands out as a dedicated social activist, known for his impactful contributions to promoting education and enhancing opportunities in marginalized communities. His advocacy extends to championing ethnic minority organizations in the UK. As a co-founder of the Global Citizens Forum, he channels extraordinary individuals worldwide, recognizing their exceptional contributions to communities or achievements in specific fields. Additionally, he serves as a Director of the local Citizens Advice Bureau, further exemplifying his commitment to community welfare. At GreenWorld Global, his pioneering strategies and skills continue to drive success and innovation.

Shaji Joseph (Director)

Dr. Vinod Kumar's journey from Kattappana, Kerala, to successful entrepreneurship exemplifies resilience and strategic foresight. With 16 years in the Indian Army as an engineer and 12 years in banking, including roles within the State Bank Group, he honed discipline and financial expertise. Leveraging this background, he founded GreenWorld Int, dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities. His story inspires emerging leaders, highlighting the transformative power of commitment. Active in Rotary International, he has earned accolades, including the International Peace Council Award USA. His environmentally conscious vision drives the IGCF initiative, promoting global citizenship. Dr. Vinod motivates through his unique leadership, dedicated to propelling the company towards success, as seen in the mission 2K30.

Dr. Vinodkumar T.A (MBA, DMS, D.Litt.- USA)(Director)

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