Honorary doctoral program

GREENWORLD Global UK is a prominent higher education promoter, while our partner University in Switzerland maintains its prestigious world ranking position among leading educational providers globally. We have a mission to recognize leaders and individuals with exceptional qualities by conferring doctoral awards upon them. We recognize numerous unsung heroes in our community who have devoted their efforts and lives without acknowledgment. It is our privilege to spotlight these individuals on the world stage. However, we ensure that all applications undergo rigorous eligibility checks supported by appropriate evidence.


Arts, science, Business administration, Computer Science

  • Recommendation is a must by a reputed individual or organization
  • Minimum age limit of 40 years
  • Applicant should be a reputed and recognized person
  • Applicant should have 20 years of service or work experience in a similar field
  • Other awards and recognitions should be verified
  • Must provide evidence of the application ground
  • Leadership and management quality or similar
  • Evidence of Contributions and achievements
  • Evidence of good conduct
  • Character References from recognized organizations


Awarding recognition serves as a powerful incentive to motivate society. GreenWorld Global takes the initiative to confer doctorates and other accolades upon individuals or organizations for their noteworthy contributions and demonstrated expertise in various fields. However, this endeavor can only be accomplished through collaboration with charitable organizations and individuals who donate to cover the costs associated with the service. We meticulously identify suitable candidates, and while donors may provide recommendations, the selection process is strictly merit-based If you wish to donate to this service, please click here

*Terms and conditions apply

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