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As part of our established policy at GreenWorld Global, we set aside 10% of our net profit for social commitments. These commitments are determined based on both merit and need. Our responsibilities include providing financial assistance through educational scholarships, medical treatment support, elderly care, and housing projects. Additionally, our placement services may be offered free of charge to eligible candidates.

We warmly welcome companies and individuals who are willing to participate directly by contributing financial aid, time, or their expertise. Every humble act is highly valuable in making a difference. Please contact us for more details on the projects we are currently working on.

What do we do

We appreciate your contribution to support our mission of social commitments

Frequently asked questions

  • I don't know how to start a consultancy. Is it complicated? It can be complicated if you do it by yourself because you have to start from scratch after registering the company, such as creating a website, marketing tools, social media promotions, securing contracts between universities and other education providers, and assigning staff, among other tasks. However, GreenWorld Global provides all these services, including training and software updates. You can start operating your business without all these hassles.

  • Certainly, we will allow you to work independently under your own separate identity. We expect you to provide the registered company name and domain name if you have a preference.

  • Don't worry, we will introduce the best products to you in a timely manner and provide training about each product. Additionally, you will receive social media ads and other marketing materials branded with your own name.

  • GreenWorld Global has backend support staff members to assist you with processing applications until you gain the confidence to do so. This can be discussed after assessing your business plan.

  • We offer different plans that suit your budget and requirements. Please speak to our sales consultants to get more details about the three different plans and advantages. Click here
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