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We offer the services in one platform to build a separate business identity with minimal investment but maximum profit sharing. One platform contains different service products.

CV Writing

A professional CV is essential for university applications and job placements alike, serving as the applicant's professional face. That's why we take great care in crafting presentable and professional CVs using our modern software. Our team specializes in creating unique CVs tailored to the needs of students and job seekers.


We offer meticulous document preparation services for our esteemed clients in the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. This valuable service serves as a significant add-on to our partner's network, facilitating numerous candidates seeking employment overseas with reputable employers. Most of our clients are hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Doctorate Program

We identify extraordinary individuals who have made significant contributions to society and achieved recognition in specific areas such as science, business management, arts, and technology. Associated institutions are recognized by awarding bodies, and our assessment team carefully and seriously evaluates each application. Honorary doctorates are awarded based on merit and high recommendations. While candidates are not encouraged to send applications directly, we are happy to consider genuine applications through the Global Citizens Forum.

USA Nurses program

We provide assistance to candidates who have completed GNM, BSN, MSN, and have a minimum of 3 years of experience to pursue opportunities in the USA. Eligible candidates will receive training for OET/IELTS, CGFNS Assessment, and NCLEX-RN to prepare them for success in their endeavors. (find out more about the USA program)

Educational loan

Securing a student loan before initiating the study abroad application process is crucial. GreenWorld stands out as a leading figure in the global market, specializing in tailored study-abroad programs. We extend our gratitude to the leading banks in India who collaborate with us, making the dream of studying abroad a reality for aspiring students.

Immigration & Legal service

Visa applications and all other services from reputed law firms in the UK and Canada.

Residential Mortgage (UK, USA and Canada)

Professional service from a registered Mortgage Advisor in the UK with several years of experience.

Conveyancing (UK USA and Canada)

Buy your property with confidence at an affordable fee through our reputable conveyancing solicitors.

IT service & Marketing

Software and CRM for all partners to brand their own business with full training.

Foreign Money Exchange

We are dedicated to providing secure transactions at competitive rates through our trusted foreign exchange agencies. We have secured better rates and invite you to take advantage of our services. Whether you're transferring money for studying abroad, medical expenses, or any other purpose to your loved ones, it's worth checking our rates and offers. Trust us to make your transactions smooth and cost-effective

Company formation (UK, USA and Canada only)

Support for Company registration*, Tax registration, business phone number, and Business bank account (varies on the jurisdiction of each country) Logo and website, Social Media accounts, Business bank account*, and promotional marketing tools.

Travel and Tourism

We have recently negotiated better deals with numerous tour operators across the globe, expanding our partners' access to a diverse array of options for their clients. Our Tours and Travels division is further enhancing its services by promoting Home Tourism, providing unique experiences that showcase the rich traditions and culture of various countries. This initiative aims to offer holidaymakers the chance to feel secure and indulge in memorable experiences. Additionally, we cater to diverse budgets, ensuring affordable holiday packages tailored to individual preferences.

Utility services (UK only)

We can arrange contracts with companies with affordable prices and easy payment methods.

Medical tourism - Kerala

Offering full package from airport pick, luxury stay, Ayurvedic treatment, sightseeing, and enjoyable traditional meals.

Frequently asked questions

  • I don't know how to start a consultancy. Is it complicated? It can be complicated if you do it by yourself because you have to start from scratch after registering the company, such as creating a website, marketing tools, social media promotions, securing contracts between universities and other education providers, and assigning staff, among other tasks. However, GreenWorld Global provides all these services, including training and software updates. You can start operating your business without all these hassles.

  • Certainly, we will allow you to work independently under your own separate identity. We expect you to provide the registered company name and domain name if you have a preference.

  • Don't worry, we will introduce the best products to you in a timely manner and provide training about each product. Additionally, you will receive social media ads and other marketing materials branded with your own name.

  • GreenWorld Global has backend support staff members to assist you with processing applications until you gain the confidence to do so. This can be discussed after assessing your business plan.

  • We offer different plans that suit your budget and requirements. Please speak to our sales consultants to get more details about the three different plans and advantages. Click here
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